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Nathan Johnson
Curls get the girls

The condition of his hair has improved after just two uses. He doesnt cry when we brush his hair now. Couldn’t recommend this product more!!


Perfect for my daughter’s hair. Makes it more curly

Ruby Farley-Jull
Best Conditoner for Kids Curls

This leaves my daughters hair feeling moisturised, soft and enhances her curls! Makes brushing her hair so much easier as the brush just glides through! As an extra plus all of Twiddl‘s products smell amazing!

Genevieve Hernandez
Natural and genuinely help define my daughter's curls

My daughter's hair is soft, gentle after using Twiddle's conditioner. The brush glides over her curls, tangle-free and looks healthier. Her curls are much more defined and bouncy, virtually frizz-free! The scent is also mild and not artificial and a little goes a long way which is great for the wallet!

Julie Schryver
Not worth the money

I have 2 curly haired boys I have been looking for hair products to keep their curls bouncy and matte free. Neither of the shampoo or conditioner has shown any results. I had to use way too much product to see a slight improvement, but within the day, their mat and frizz was back. Not worth the money. Super disappointed.