About Us

A curly situation that led to a glorious haircare journey

It started in 2018 when Twiddl’s founder, Marian, was looking to find the right products for her then two-year-old daughter’s unruly and curly hair. After trying and testing various baby and adult specific brands for curly hair, nothing worked well enough to tame the frizz and glide through the tangles with ease. Marian soon discovered that many other parents shared the same challenges with curly hair products in the market. With this discovery came a strong passion to help alleviate the frustrations and create a range that actually worked and contained only the best ingredients.

The formulation process begins

Alongside a compounding and formulation expert with over 20 years of experience, Marian began the journey of developing the highest quality kids hair products with the aspiration to achieve results with only naturally-derived ingredients. This meant that known nasties like silicones, sulphates, phthalates, artificial colours, harsh surfactants and synthetic fragrances were all off the list. After years of research, product development and testing, Twiddl was born and launched in March 2021. Since then Twiddl has become a widely recognised brand of kids hair products in Australia.

We live by our vision and values

Twiddl’s vision is to provide families around the world with high quality, clean and fun haircare that delivers on its promises. To achieve this, we live by our brand values.

  1. The Highest Quality - Twiddl is committed to offering the best quality kids haircare to you and your family.
  2. Customer Journeys - Hearing from our customers, their experiences, and how Twiddl has transformed their child’s hair (and confidence) is what continues to motivate us every day.
  3. A Passion to Educate - We don’t just stop at providing you with haircare: we are there with you on the journey to get the best use of our products and achieve results that shine.
  4. Learning and Growing - We are here to help you and your child. Your feedback is critical in helping us evolve and introduce new products that meet your needs.